Land Acquisition Process for ECRL in Port Klang to Commence after Legal Procedures

  • 11 months ago
  • News

Malaysia Rail Link Sdn Bhd (MRL) issued a statement on Saturday (July 29) clarifying that the process of land acquisition for the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project in Taman Sungai Sireh, Port Klang, will only begin after completing all legal procedures under the Land Acquisition Act 1960. The land acquisition process will prioritize fairness to all parties involved.

“The ECRL project has been carefully planned to minimize impact, undergone public inspection, and finalized through the Railway Scheme under the Land Public Transport Act 2010. MRL has conducted eight meetings with Taman Sungai Sireh residents to provide project information,” stated the MRL statement.

To address concerns among Taman Sungai Sireh residents about their houses being arbitrarily demolished for the ECRL construction, MRL reassured that the land valuation process will be carried out by the Valuation and Property Management Department, and compensation payments will be determined by the land administrator, managed by the Selangor Department of Director General of Lands and Mines.


MRL advises affected house and landowners to engage a private appraiser to assist them in this matter, with the government fully bearing the fee for the service.

The statement urges owners and occupants not to be misled by social media speculation and fake news about low compensation offers. MRL commits to providing timely updates on the status of land acquisition to affected owners and occupants.

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