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Unexpected Setback for Sabah-MM2H Programme: Motac’s Disruption Halts Launch Plans

An unexpected hurdle has emerged in the pursuit of Sabah's ambitions to introduce the Sabah-Malaysia My Second Home (Sabah-MM2H) programme. The Federal Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (Motac) threw a spanner in the works, disrupting the diligent preparations made by the Sabah State Government. Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, Datuk Christina Liew, expressed dismay over Motac's abrupt...

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Sabah Revamps MM2H: New Age Limit & Property Rules to Attract Investors

In a strategic move to attract more foreign residents and revitalize its real estate market, Sabah has announced significant changes to its Sabah-Malaysia My Second Home (SBH-MM2H) programme. The most notable amendment is the reduction of the minimum age for applicants from 50 to 30 years, positioning Sabah as a more accessible destination for younger expatriates compared to the federal MM2H...

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Sabah-MM2H Program Set to Launch: Key Updates and Tourism Insights

Sabah is on the brink of welcoming a new era for expatriates and retirees with the impending launch of the revamped Sabah-Malaysia My Second Home (Sabah-MM2H) programme, set to roll out next month. Datuk Christina Liew, Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Environment, announced the final touches are being applied to the programme, promising a smooth application process for prospective residents. Final...

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Sabah’s Tourism Contributes RM13 Billion to State’s GDP in 2022

Sabah's tourism industry made a significant contribution to the state's economy in 2022, with a gross value-added of tourism industries (GVATI) reaching RM13 billion. This accounted for 10.7% of Sabah's gross domestic product (GDP), according to the Regional Tourism Satellite Account (RTSA) of Sabah published by the statistics department. In addition, Sabah's GVATI contributed 5.2% to Malaysia's GVATI and...

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Sabah to Develop Two New Industrial Parks for Economic Growth

In a move to further stimulate economic growth and development in Sabah, Malaysia, the state government is planning to establish two new industrial parks. These developments align with Sabah's investor-friendly approach and its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for its residents through various growth sectors. Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor revealed that one of the industrial parks will...

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Sabah MM2H Draws Mixed Reviews from Academics and Consultants

The newly announced Sabah Malaysia My Second Home (SBH-MM2H) programme has generally been well received, but whether it would achieve its objective remains a question mark. “From the Sabah state government’s perspective, I think the programme makes all sense to them. The programme requirements are not difficult to achieve, but the only question is, how many of these potential foreigners are...

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Sabah will offer its MM2H program

The state government has approved in principle the policies for the setting up of the Sabah-Malaysia My Second Home (SBH-MM2H) scheme. “The state cabinet has approved the policies which govern the prerequisites for participation in the programme such as age requirement, medical certification and a fixed deposit account in Sabah,” Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Datuk Christina...

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