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Millennials Dominate 2023 Malaysian Rental Market

In a dynamic shift within the Malaysian rental market, millennials have emerged as the predominant group of renters in 2023, representing 37.8% of all rental transactions nationwide. This trend underscores the evolving demographics of property renters and is highlighted in the 2024 Home Renters Generational Trends Report by real estate technology group Juwai IQI. Following closely behind, Generation Z...

merdeka 118

Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Office Markets: New Developments and Future Trends 2024

The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor office markets are currently experiencing a significant evolution, highlighted by the completion of major projects like the Merdeka 118 tower. According to Teh Young Khean, Knight Frank Malaysia’s executive director for office strategy and solution, these developments are setting the stage for future supply pressures and opportunities. Recent Developments and Supply...


Landlord’s Guide to Rental Income Tax in Malaysia: What You Need to Know

Understanding the nuances of rental income tax is crucial for landlords to ensure compliance and avoid penalties. Here's a simplified guide to navigate the complexities of non-business income taxation in Malaysia. What is Rental Income Tax? Rental income tax applies to profits earned from renting out residential, commercial properties, machinery, and ships. It is governed by Section 4(d) of the Income...

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3 rental strategies for your investment property

Let’s say you buy a three-room condominium unit for RM500,000 with a 10% down payment. The remaining is financed through a 35-year mortgage worth RM450,000, at 3.5% interest, which works out to a monthly repayment of RM1,860. With service fees, sinking funds, and other expenses, your cash outflow would be RM2,300 a month. How might you earn rental income from this property? Here are three ways. 1....

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