Apple Store TRX: A First Look for Malaysia First Apple Store in The Exchange TRX

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The highly-anticipated opening of The Exchange TRX, a massive shopping center in Kuala Lumpur, has brought a new landmark to the city’s skyline. One of its standout attractions is the 10-acre rooftop park, TRX City Park, which houses the first-ever Apple Store in Malaysia.

While Apple has yet to make an official announcement about its new retail outlet, speculations and rumors have swirled for years, with compelling evidence backing these claims. Recently, a short video shared by renowned local Apple critic Xavier Naxa displayed an Apple signboard outside the retail building, adding fuel to the rumors.

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As The Exchange TRX opens its doors to the public, visitors can now witness the actual size and design of the Apple Store TRX. Upon closer inspection, some observations stand out.

Despite the unique roof design, which makes the building instantly recognizable, the Apple Store TRX appears slightly smaller than anticipated. The store boasts a significant footprint, and the high ceilings are unmistakable even from the exterior, but it may not be as gigantic as expected.

Notably, the building’s exterior lacks sharp corners, suggesting the possibility of glass walls similar to the Apple Park Visitor Centre in Cupertino. The design emphasizes a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Regarding the interior of the Apple Store TRX, no images were available due to thorough wall and door coverings, maintaining secrecy. Even the Apple signboard seen in a recent “leaked” video has been discreetly concealed.

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As for the official opening date of the Apple Store TRX, Apple has yet to make any public announcements. However, reports from sources like Bloomberg have suggested a tentative opening date in February 2024. Until then, Apple enthusiasts in Malaysia eagerly await the arrival of the country’s first Apple Store.

In summary, The Exchange TRX introduces the Apple Store TRX to Kuala Lumpur, offering a glimpse of its unique design and size, though the interior remains shrouded in secrecy until the official opening.

Photo credit:SoyaCincau

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