Country Garden Boosts Forest City’s Appeal with Upgrades and New Infrastructure for Special Financial Zone

forest city special financial zone

Country Garden, a renowned international property developer, is intensifying its efforts to upgrade facilities in Forest City, aligning with the impending launch of the Special Financial Zone (SFZ) initiative. Fang Fang, the Malaysia-Singapore brand, sales, and marketing general manager, emphasized the significance of these upgrades in making Forest City an attractive hub for new investors.

A key component of this upgrade is the establishment of a new checkpoint for the Royal Malaysian Customs Department, aimed at relocating the existing checkpoint and streamlining inspections and enforcement. “This new inspection center is set to be operational by the end of this year, ensuring a smooth, efficient process for agencies involved,” Fang stated in a recent announcement.

In addition to this, Fang highlighted ongoing developments in transportation infrastructure around Forest City, designed to enhance accessibility. Among these are the much-anticipated Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High-Speed Rail project and the Light Rapid Transit West Line, both of which are expected to feature stations within Forest City. Furthermore, the introduction of a cross-border bus service at the end of last year has already started to enrich the public transportation offerings in the area.


Forest City is not just focusing on transportation improvements but is also advancing its digital infrastructure. “We are committed to upgrading Internet network services and integrating the latest technology to establish Forest City as a premier financial zone in the region,” Fang added.

The development is also embracing innovative solutions like the QR code implementation system to expedite the clearance of people at land checkpoints. Fang lauded this move by the Malaysian and Singaporean authorities, recognizing it as a significant transformation in managing the regional flow of people and goods.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced the formation of the SFZ in Forest City on August 25 last year, introducing several incentives to stimulate economic growth in Johor and its environs.

Since its inception in 2015, the Forest City project in Iskandar Puteri has been a major undertaking by Country Garden, representing an investment of approximately US$100 billion (about RM473 billion).

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