Guests Stranded as Condo Management Enforces Ban on Short-Term Rentals in Ipoh

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In a series of videos shared on TikTok by user @handsomecool666, numerous guests were seen unable to check in to their apartment units, waiting near the condominium’s entrance and guardhouse.

The situation arose as the condominium management had recently implemented a ban on short-term rental accommodations, catching many guests by surprise.

In one video, guests were shown waiting outside the condominium entrance late at night, unable to check in. The user expressed sympathy, stating, “It’s late already. They cannot check in, pity them.”


Another video depicted a group of friends who had booked a unit but were denied entry, further highlighting the issue faced by these guests.

A notice dated May 3 was shared in one of the videos, emphasizing the prohibition of unit owners from renting their units as homestay premises. The notice clarified that the condominium was categorized under a residential title, not as a serviced apartment or homestay, and therefore, the units should be used for personal residence, not business or other purposes.

The notice explicitly stated that short-term rentals were prohibited within the condominium.

Commenters on the videos expressed support for the management’s decision to ban short-term rentals. Some highlighted concerns about the inconvenience and disturbances caused by outsiders renting units, including noise and misuse of shared amenities, while others mentioned security concerns.

This incident sheds light on the challenges and controversies surrounding short-term rentals in residential buildings, with property management seeking to maintain a peaceful and secure living environment for residents.

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