JLL Introduces the First AI GPT Model for Commercial Real Estate

jll gpt workplace

JLL, a leading real estate services firm, has introduced JLL GPT, the industry’s first purpose-built generative artificial intelligence (AI) model for the commercial real estate (CRE) sector. Developed by JLL Technologies (JLLT), the technology division of JLL, this bespoke AI model will empower JLL’s global staff to deliver unparalleled CRE insights to clients. The model combines extensive in-house data with external CRE sources to provide customized solutions later this year.

JLL GPT will revolutionize CRE operations, enabling facility managers to transform real estate space utilization and portfolio optimization dashboards into dynamic conversations, leading to actionable decisions. Consulting experts can swiftly provide comprehensive workplace planning advice by leveraging qualitative information gathered through conversations with JLL GPT.

The company has already leveraged AI technology for building efficiencies, 3D leasing visualizations, sustainability risk assessments, and investment lead generation. In the first quarter of 2023, one in five of all JLL Capital Markets opportunities globally benefited from the company’s AI-powered platform.


Yao Morin, JLL CTO, expressed that JLL GPT would deliver faster, smarter insights to clients within the secure computing environment. The AI model is fully compliant with JLL’s privacy and security standards, enabling employees to leverage generative AI effectively.

Richard Bloxam, JLL CEO, Capital Markets, highlighted the significance of AI in optimizing investment opportunities and enhancing decision-making. JLL GPT, trained by Capital Markets advisors, will provide impactful insights based on comprehensive real estate data.

Andy Poppink, CEO, Markets Advisory, emphasized that JLL GPT would accelerate portfolio optimization through impactful insights, integrating external market data and JLL’s proprietary research.

With its global footprint and in-house technology division, JLL remains at the forefront of innovation, boasting over 40 AI-driven developments in progress or beta phase. Through JLL GPT, clients gain confidence in executing strategies based on robust data and unique insights, leveraging the advanced technology available to JLL brokers worldwide.

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