Malaysia Tops Asia’s Emerging Markets in Investment Conditions

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In a notable affirmation of Malaysia’s dynamic and welcoming business environment, the nation has emerged as the premier destination for investors among Asia’s emerging and developing (E&D) countries, according to the Global Opportunity Index (GOI) 2024 by the US-based Milken Institute. With a commendable global standing of 27th, Malaysia outpaces regional counterparts Thailand and China, positioned at 37th and 39th respectively, showcasing its strategic allure in the investment landscape.

Investment, Trade and Industry Minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz heralded this accolade as a clear reflection of Malaysia’s concerted efforts to streamline the investment process and mitigate challenges faced by investors. This recognition not only underscores Malaysia’s commitment to fostering a conducive investment climate but also propels the nation forward as a pivotal gateway to the Asian markets.

The Milken Institute’s report highlights the significant variation in investment conditions across the E&D regions of Asia, with Malaysia leading the pack due to its superior performance across several critical domains of the GOI. Among these, financial services and institutional frameworks stand out as areas where Malaysia significantly exceeds the E&D average, attesting to the nation’s robust investor-friendly environment.


Malaysia’s exceptional score in institutional frameworks, particularly noted for its strong protection of investors’ rights, is a testament to its transparent and reliable regulatory environment. This aspect of Malaysia’s investment climate, ranked fifth globally in investor rights, solidifies its position as a leading destination for both regional and international investors seeking secure and fruitful opportunities.

Moreover, the report elucidates the comparative strength of E&D Asia in financial services, with the region closely following E&D Europe and surpassing other E&D regions. Malaysia’s pivotal role in elevating the region’s performance in this category underscores its advanced financial infrastructure and accessibility, further enhancing its attractiveness to investors.

In addition to financial services, Malaysia’s favorable business perception and institutional framework contribute to its high GOI score, signifying a well-rounded and supportive ecosystem for investment. The nation’s strategic focus on strengthening investor rights and providing comprehensive financial services positions it as a beacon for investment within the increasingly competitive landscape of Asia’s E&D economies.

This accolade from the Milken Institute serves as a potent motivator for Malaysia to continue its pursuit of excellence in investment facilitation. By maintaining a laser focus on enhancing business processes and upholding a robust institutional framework, Malaysia is well-equipped to sustain its leadership position as the most favorable investment destination in Asia’s emerging and developing markets.

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