MRT Corp to Commence Land Acquisition Process for MRT3 Circle Line Project in 2024


Malaysia’s MRT Corp will commence the land acquisition process for the Mass Rapid Transit Line 3 (MRT3) Circle Line project starting in 2024, according to Transport Minister Anthony Loke. The process is expected to take two years to finalize. To minimize the cost of land acquisition for the government, MRT Corp will actively cooperate with property developers to integrate the MRT3 stations.

Loke stated that the government has approved the allocation for the land acquisition process for the MRT3 project. The approach to land acquisition will combine prudent and courteous measures to ensure minimal social impact on the community. The acquisition process is expected to involve 1,012 lots of land, including 842 private lots of land, 133 government-owned lots, and 37 lots of unknown ownership.

While the exact allocation amount was not disclosed, Loke emphasized that there is a mechanism in place to minimize the cost for the government and that discussions with landowners are welcomed. The alignment for MRT3 has yet to be finalized.


Regarding the lease agreement, Loke highlighted that it guarantees the interest of the unity government through the Federal Lands Commissioner (PTP) and MRT Corp, ensuring more efficient regulation and asset management, as well as proper monitoring of reserve areas along the MRT alignment. This will enable MRT Corp to implement spillover development that can provide commercial returns and benefit the public with public facilities at MRT station areas.

The lease agreement covers the existing route, specifically the Kajang and Putrajaya MRT lines.

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