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2022 Was A Recovery Year But 2023 Is Likely A Bumpy Ride

2022 came in as a recovery year when the Covid-19 pandemic was recategorised into an endemic. Unfortunately, the Ukraine War, which started on Feb 24, has taken a toll on all international markets. This war is expected to continue more into the cold winter months and demand for oil and gas (O&G) will continue to peak resulting in higher fuel prices. This has also resulted in escalations in raw...

Real Estate Malaysia

Real Estate Developers To Watch In 2023

The recent Malaysia Developers Awards (MDA) can help serve as an indication as to which company to approach when seeking to buy a property as they have proven to be financially strong and have the capacity to build quality homes. But adding to that list, here are several more reputable developers to consider. There is no shortage of candidates as every developer is ramping up their activities and...

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