Differences among the MM2Hs and PVIP at a glance

By now, foreigners interested in moving to Malaysia via the country’s visa programmes will most probably be a bit overwhelmed by the myriad “choices” available. There are currently three schemes going on, and one in the pipeline — having its policies approved “in principle”. The three ongoing programmes are the national Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) scheme and the Premium...

Premium Visa Programme (PVIP) is positive but confusing?

The general reaction towards the government’s new Premium Visa Programme (PVIP) is positive but an academic feels that there is “confusion” over how Putrajaya wants to attract wealthy foreigners to invest and reside in the country. “Well, my hope is that the introduction of the new programme is a way to reform MM2H and to make it less stringent, as the requirements for this PVIP programme...

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