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Malaysian Breakfast Culture Shines at Singapore’s Malaysia Travel Escapade 2024

At the inaugural Malaysia Travel Escapade 2024, held at Suntec City Mall from April 12 to 14, the rich and enticing aromas of traditional Malaysian breakfast dishes like nasi lemak, roti canai, and chicken bak kut teh captivated visitors, highlighting Malaysia’s vibrant culinary heritage. The event, a celebration of Malaysian culture, strategically placed Malaysian breakfast culture at its heart,...

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Penang’s Tourist Boom: China’s Golden Week Spurs Record Visits

Penang is experiencing an unprecedented influx of tourists this Golden Week, as Chinese nationals enjoy a well-deserved break coinciding with International Workers’ Day. The island, known for its rich heritage and exquisite culinary offerings, has become a magnet for those looking to explore new cultures and cuisines. Jerry Chen, a project manager from Suzhou, is among the many who chose Penang as their...

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Discover Langkawi: A Paradise Revisited by Loyal Tourists

Nestled off the coast of Malaysia, Langkawi remains a favored retreat for those who have discovered its charm and tranquility. Among them is John Barwell, an 81-year-old retiree from England, who has made the island his repeated destination of choice, visiting approximately 15 times. His enduring affection for Langkawi is shared by many who find in its shores a perfect blend of natural beauty, warm...

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Johor Leads with First Cross-Border Electric Bus to Singapore

Johor Sets a Green Standard with New Cross-Border Electric Bus Service to Singapore Johor has marked a significant milestone in its environmental initiatives by becoming the first state in Malaysia to introduce a cross-border electric bus service, connecting with Singapore. This development underscores Johor's commitment to sustainable transport solutions and sets a new standard for regional collaboration...

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Agoda: Kuching Offers Asia’s Most Affordable Hotel Rates in April and May

Kuching, the vibrant capital of Sarawak, Malaysia, is emerging as one of Asia's most cost-effective travel destinations this April and May, according to the latest data from Agoda. The digital travel platform reveals that Kuching boasts the lowest average hotel room rates during these months, positioning it as an appealing option for budget-conscious travelers. Kuching's Competitive Pricing With an...

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Unlock Penang’s Value: Top 11 Budget-Friendly Destination 2024

Imagine finding a travel destination that not only enchants with its culture, cuisine, and stunning landscapes but also ranks as an unbeatable value for your holiday budget. Penang, known affectionately as the Pearl of the Orient, has clinched the 11th spot in the 2024 edition of the Holiday Money Report, marking it as a must-visit locale for savvy travelers seeking both adventure and affordability. This...

malaysia ipoh white coffee

Malaysia’s Ipoh White Coffee: A Top Global Brew

Malaysia's gastronomic scene is finally basking in the limelight, courtesy of a recent TasteAtlas ranking that has coffee aficionados and patriots alike buzzing with pride. After facing several setbacks in global food rankings—where the nation's nasi kambing unfortunately found itself among the "100 worst-rated food," and the beloved kaya toast was overshadowed by Singapore's claim—Malaysia makes a...

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Pahang Tops Hotel Occupancy Rates in Malaysia at 73% for 1H 2023

Pahang, a state in Malaysia, has achieved the highest average hotel occupancy rates in the country, standing at an impressive 73% for the first half (1H) of 2023. This significant accomplishment is attributed to the growing number of tourists choosing Pahang as their preferred destination. Leong Yu Man, Chairman of the State Unity, Tourism, and Culture Committee in Pahang, credited the higher tourist...

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