Unlock Penang’s Value: Top 11 Budget-Friendly Destination 2024

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Imagine finding a travel destination that not only enchants with its culture, cuisine, and stunning landscapes but also ranks as an unbeatable value for your holiday budget. Penang, known affectionately as the Pearl of the Orient, has clinched the 11th spot in the 2024 edition of the Holiday Money Report, marking it as a must-visit locale for savvy travelers seeking both adventure and affordability.

This gem surpassed other renowned destinations like Phuket, Delhi, Costa del Sol, and Montego Bay, showcasing its allure not just through its scenic beauty but also through its pocket-friendly appeal. The list was topped by Hoi An, with other notable mentions including Cape Town, Mombasa, and Tokyo, underscoring the global span of value destinations.

The report, issued by Post Office Ltd, the UK’s largest retail chain, serves as a beacon for budget-conscious travelers. With the Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer at its core, the study revealed that prices for essential holiday items — meals, drinks, and tourist staples — have seen a decrease in 25 of the 40 surveyed resorts and cities since last year.


Penang stood out remarkably with a total weekly cost of just £74.57 for key tourist expenditures. This includes dining out, enjoying a local beer or a cup of coffee, and essentials like sun cream and insect repellent, reflecting not just affordability but the rich culinary and cultural experiences awaiting visitors.

Moreover, the allure of Penang extends beyond its cost-effectiveness. Recently named among the top 10 islands in Asia by DestinAsian’s 17th annual Readers’ Choice Awards, alongside Langkawi, Penang continues to solidify its position as a premier travel destination. This recognition, paired with its ranking in the Holiday Money Report, highlights its dual appeal as both an island paradise and a haven for value-seeking tourists.

The broader implications of these findings are significant. With 90% of the best-selling currencies currently weaker against sterling, the UK holidaymakers are in a prime position to explore the world, with long-haul destinations like Penang offering exceptional value. This dynamic is reshaping travel preferences and patterns, emphasizing the importance of value in the decision-making process.

For travelers and culture enthusiasts alike, Penang offers an irresistible blend of historical charm, culinary delights, and natural beauty, all wrapped in an affordable package. As the world becomes more accessible, destinations like Penang are leading the way in offering memorable experiences that don’t break the bank, ensuring that the spirit of adventure remains alive and well for everyone.

Explore the full insights and more about Penang’s remarkable value in the Holiday Money Report by Post Office Ltd here.

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