Ahmad Maslan: Youths want more affordable housing under Budget 2023

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Affordable homeownership is one of the dreams or wishes expressed by youths during a Budget 2023 dialogue session held recently.

Deputy Finance Minister I Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan also said they had expressed their hope for more job opportunities to ensure a sustainable livelihood.

“Last week, for example, the youths expressed their wish for more affordable housing, more job opportunities, assistance for small and medium enterprises, and certain tax deductions for companies to enable them to provide assistance to sports groups and sports associations.


“We have a budget team attending every dialogue session to take notes and formulate the best resolutions to be used in the budget presentation later,” he told reporters after the new Benut 4 water tank officiation ceremony here on Sunday (Jan 29).

The Pontian Member of Parliament said the interesting thing this year is that there will be two budget presentations.

“If [these requests] are excluded from Budget 2023 to be tabled on Feb 24, they may be included in Budget 2024 this October or November,” he said.

A total of 18 Budget 2023 dialogue sessions will be organised from Jan 26 to Feb 10 in order for the government to get feedback and views from all stakeholders before formulating the budget highlights.

Meanwhile, commenting on the Benut 4 water tank construction project, which was completed last November, Ahmad said it has the capacity to provide treated water supply to 20,000 residents, especially during festive seasons and in times of water supply disruption.

He said construction of the water tank, which has a capacity of 4.5 million litres per day (MLD), started in 2020 at a cost of RM13 million. 

The project entailed the installation of pipes with a 450-millimetre diameter spanning 1.1km from Benut 4’s new water tank up to the Jalan Parit Ismail and Jalan Jaafar crossroad.

“This project is able to increase the supply of treated water in Benut for residents in Sungai Simpan, Parit Ismail, Parit Mastar, Air Baloi, Parit Sayang and the Tun Dr Ismail Mara Junior Science College, especially during festive seasons,” he said.

Ahmad added that the construction of the Parit Haji Ariff new water tank project, which started last year, is expected to be fully completed in March 2024.

“Other projects to be implemented include the Kayu Ara Pasong water treatment plant, with a 30 MLD capacity, and the installation of water pipes from Gunung Pulai to the Belokok tank,” he said.

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