Bon Kiara: Embrace a Meaningful Quality of Life in Mont Kiara’s Mediterranean Haven

Bon Kiara, located in the sought-after suburb of Mont’Kiara in Kuala Lumpur, offers residents a unique approach to effortless living. Unlike relying solely on smart technologies, boutique developer BON Estates focuses on the comforts of home and a vibrant neighborhood, delivering a simple yet meaningful quality of life.

According to CEO Chan Jin-Wy, “Effortless living means going back to the basics, embracing a simple yet good quality of life.” The definition of a good quality of life may vary for individuals, but at Bon Kiara, residents are encouraged to embrace a higher standard of living through the convenience of home facilities and the surrounding neighborhood.

Scheduled for completion in 2027, Bon Kiara draws inspiration from a Mediterranean resort, creating a tranquil and rejuvenating ambiance. The development is GreenRE Gold-certified, offering energy-efficient solutions such as electric-vehicle charging isolators for every household.

Chan emphasizes that Bon Kiara goes beyond building facilities within the development. It focuses on connectivity and readily available amenities in Mont’Kiara, including education, healthcare, dining, and retail options. The developer even plans to provide complimentary shuttle services to nearby hotspots.

One notable feature of Bon Kiara is its dedicated 1.5-acre central park, fulfilling the need for green space in the neighborhood. The park will offer facilities like an elevated jogging and walking track, a swimming pool, a multipurpose hall, and a fitness club. It will become a focal point for residents to gather, host events, and foster a healthy community.

Bon Kiara comprises two 43-storey towers with a total of 410 residential units. Targeted at families, upgraders, and empty nesters, the development offers generous built-up sizes to provide additional space and privacy. The units feature expansive lanai areas that can be utilized for various purposes, fostering a sense of family bonding.

With a gross development value of RM750 million, Bon Kiara prioritizes the well-being and comfort of its residents. It aims to create a harmonious community where families can genuinely enjoy their homes. The development’s strategic location, spacious layouts, and commitment to a meaningful quality of life make Bon Kiara a sought-after choice in Mont’Kiara’s real estate landscape.

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