Penang Ferry Service to Charge Passengers as Low as RM1 Starting Tomorrow


Penang Port Sdn Bhd (PPSB) has announced new ferry fares, offering passengers remarkably affordable rates for one-way trips. These fares will be effective starting tomorrow, providing affordable transportation options for individuals traveling between the island and the mainland.

The new ferry fares are as follows:

  • Individuals or pedestrians aged 12 and below: RM1 fare.
  • Adult passengers or those above 12 years old: RM2 fare.
  • Cyclists: RM2 fare.
  • Motorcycle riders: RM2.50 fare.

These fares apply at both ferry terminals, including the Raja Tun Uda Jetty on the island side and the Sultan Abdul Halim Jetty on the mainland side, for travel to or from the island.


PPSB’s decision to introduce these affordable fares reflects its commitment to improving services for all passengers and enhancing ferry service facilities. The company aims to offer safe, convenient, and enjoyable travel experiences for all passengers and is taking significant steps toward achieving that objective.

To provide added value and convenience to loyal users, PPSB will also introduce monthly passes starting on September 7, which will include discounts for ferry users.

In recent weeks, the public had the opportunity to experience the new ferry service, which operates between the two terminals on a round-trip basis, for free. This initiative aims to encourage people to use the ferry service and explore its benefits.

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