Pet-Friendly Interior Design: Creating Homes That Cater to Furry Companions

pet friendly

In an era where pets are cherished family members, interior design is adapting to accommodate their comfort and needs. A growing number of pet owners are going beyond traditional pet spaces and turning to interior designers to create pet-friendly homes.

As over half of the global population welcomes pets into their homes, the pandemic has reinforced the bond between humans and their furry companions. People are now integrating their pets into daily life by dressing them up, taking them to pet-friendly cafes, and even redesigning their homes with their pets in mind.

This design trend goes beyond adding a kennel in the backyard or purchasing a cat tree. Devoted pet owners, often with substantial budgets, are enlisting interior designers to give their homes a pet-friendly makeover.


For instance, a couple in Brooklyn hired an architect to renovate their home with their two cats in mind. They wanted a house that catered equally to their feline friends. The result was a bookcase integrated into a living room wall, serving as a play area for the cats, complete with shelves and hatches for exploration.

Other designers have concealed cat flaps inside kitchen cupboards, allowing pets to come and go discreetly. These innovations demonstrate that pet-friendly design doesn’t require sacrificing aesthetics. Brands like Tuft & Paw, Catastrophic Creations, Meyou, and Jelico offer furniture and accessories designed for pets that seamlessly blend with interior decor.

Some pet parents are even willing to make real estate sacrifices. According to a survey, 72% of potential buyers would forgo their dream home if it didn’t suit their pets, and 66% had already made such a decision. Many are ready to compromise on home features to ensure their pets’ comfort, even giving up rooms or bedrooms for more pet-friendly spaces.

This growing trend highlights the evolving role of pets in our lives and the importance of their comfort and integration within our homes.

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