Singapore’s Bespoke Habitat Expands into Johor Bahru with 200-Room Co-Living Space

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Singapore-based property management company, Bespoke Habitat, has ventured into the Malaysian market with the launch of a 200-room co-living space near Mid Valley Southkey in Johor Bahru. As of November 1st, the co-living facility has already achieved an impressive 80% occupancy rate. The rooms are fully furnished, with monthly rates varying from RM800 to RM1,400 based on factors like room size, location, and the inclusion of ensuite facilities.

The co-living space offers a range of amenities, including functional living areas, fully-equipped kitchens, high-speed WiFi, on-site laundry facilities, concierge customer care services, and weekly cleaning services.

Ernee Ong, Co-Founder of Bespoke Habitat, expressed the company’s commitment to addressing the housing challenges faced by HR departments. He noted that approximately 350,000 individuals commute from Johor Bahru to Singapore for work via the Johor-Singapore Causeway. Bespoke Habitat aims to provide a convenient and comfortable living solution for these professionals. The company plans to offer dedicated transportation services to facilitate seamless travel between Singapore and Malaysia for its residents.


Driven by a community-first approach, Bespoke Habitat has been offering flexible and affordable housing solutions in Singapore since 2019. In 2023, the company experienced remarkable year-on-year revenue growth of over 250% in Singapore. Furthermore, it has ambitious plans to diversify into commercial real estate, including hotel developments, to expand its range of services.

In addition to its recent expansion into Johor Bahru, Bespoke Habitat is actively exploring growth opportunities in Southeast Asia. The company aims to establish a presence in countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand as part of its mission to redefine co-living experiences for professionals across the region.

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