300 Companies Vie for Pan Borneo Highway Phase 1B Tender, Emphasizes Local Participation


The Pan Borneo Highway project, a monumental infrastructure venture poised to redefine connectivity in Malaysia’s Borneo states, has reached a pivotal milestone with the announcement of the tender for Package 1B Phase 1. Deputy Public Works Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan revealed that an overwhelming response of 300 companies has been received for the tender involving 15 work packages, marking a significant interest in the project’s development.

Highlighting the inclusivity and national scope of the tender process, Ahmad Maslan emphasized that the opportunity was extended to all Malaysian contractors, explicitly excluding foreign entities from the bidding process. This approach underscores the government’s dedication to fostering local industry participation and ensuring that the benefits of such a significant infrastructure project are retained within the national economy.

The selection process for the tender is thorough, focusing on three critical criteria: the current workload of the companies, their proven experience in similar projects, and their financial stability. These measures are intended to ensure that selected contractors possess the requisite capabilities to deliver on the ambitious goals of the Pan Borneo Highway project without compromising quality or timelines.


In addressing concerns over project delivery and accountability, Ahmad Maslan assured that the government would adopt a no-tolerance policy towards contractors failing to meet their obligations within the agreed timeframes. Such firms face the risk of contract termination, highlighting the importance of reliability and performance in the execution of the Pan Borneo Highway project.

The Deputy Minister also provided an update on the progress of Package 1A, noting an impressive 88% completion rate achieved solely by contractors from Sabah, demonstrating the project’s potential to empower local businesses and contribute to regional development.

The tender process for Package 1B Phase 1 represents a critical phase in the Pan Borneo Highway project, not just in terms of infrastructure development but also in its role as a catalyst for economic growth and capacity building within Malaysia’s construction industry. With its commitment to local participation and stringent selection criteria, the project sets a precedent for future infrastructure initiatives across the country.

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