Malaysia’s Transport Ministry Clarifies No Forced Relocation for Historic KTMB Headquarters


In response to swirling rumors and concerns, Malaysia’s Transport Minister Anthony Loke has made a clear statement regarding the status of the historic Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB) headquarters. Amidst claims of forced relocation, Loke clarified that the ministry has never issued any directives or exerted pressure on KTMB to vacate its iconic building, which stands as a testament to more than a century of railway history in Malaysia.

The minister pointed out that the Railway Assets Corporation (RAC), the official owner of the KTMB building, has generously offered KTMB a rent-free opportunity to relocate to Menara RAC, situated in Brickfields. This offer is made in light of the various issues plaguing the old building, providing KTMB with a viable alternative to consider without any obligations.

Loke was keen to dispel any notions of coercion by RAC towards KTMB, emphasizing that the offer to move is merely that—an offer. Should KTMB decide against the relocation, RAC has the option to lease out the space to private entities, thereby generating potential rental income.


Addressing concerns and rumors linking the vacating of the building to a handover to private companies like YTL Corporation, Loke categorically denied such speculations. He reaffirmed the building’s status as a cherished heritage and historical site of the nation, firmly under government ownership through RAC.

The Transport Minister also shed light on Menara RAC’s origins, revealing its development in partnership with YTL Corporation, a project that dates back to his tenure as transport minister in 2018. He emphasized that currently, there is no ongoing relocation process for KTMB from its historic edifice, which was constructed by the British during the zenith of railway expansion in Malaya.

Loke’s statements underscore the discretionary power of KTMB’s board of directors regarding the relocation offer, with the Ministry of Transport standing clear of enforcing any move. Furthermore, he suggested that vacating the heritage building could pave the way for significant conservation and restoration efforts, akin to those undertaken by Khazanah Nasional Berhad on landmarks such as the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and the National Mosque.

This clarification by the Transport Minister comes at a critical time, offering reassurance to the public and stakeholders about the preservation of Malaysia’s railway heritage and the autonomous decision-making capability of KTMB regarding its headquarters.

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