Authorities Issue Stop Work Order for Controversial Toll Structure Project in Genting

new toll fee to be imposed for road leading up to genting highlands

The Bentong Municipal Council (MPB) has issued a stop-work order for the alleged construction of a toll gantry near Gohtong Jaya, a popular access point to Genting Highlands in Bentong, Malaysia. The order was issued because the developer did not submit any plans or seek approval from local authorities before beginning construction at the site.

While it’s understood that the gantry was intended for toll booths, the approval to collect toll charges falls outside the jurisdiction of the council. The matter should be brought to the attention of the Pahang government and relevant ministries before discussion at the state executive council meeting.

Although the proposed toll is located on private land, consultations with the Finance Ministry and Transport Ministry are typically required for toll collection. Pahang Unity, Tourism, and Culture Committee Chairman Leong Yu Man noted that the issue had not been discussed during a state executive council meeting.


The construction of toll facilities in the area has sparked controversy and requires proper regulatory approvals before implementation.

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