Batang Kali Landslide Update: Road to Reopen in June Following Extensive Repairs

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Batang Kali Road to Reopen in June After Extensive Landslide Repairs

In the early hours of December 16, 2022, a tragic landslide occurred at a camping site in Batang Kali, resulting in the loss of 31 lives, including 18 adults and 13 children, while 61 others were rescued. Following this devastating event, the Batang Kali-Genting road was closed for safety assessments and necessary repair works. After 18 months of diligent efforts, the repair project has reached an 80% completion milestone and is expected to reopen in June this year.

The closure and ongoing repairs were prompted by a critical shortage of raw materials needed for slope reinforcement and the installation of stone molds, which led to significant delays. According to the Deputy Chief of the Women’s Wing of the PKR, June Leow, the Public Works Department in Ulu Selangor reported that the contractor has since accelerated the repair process following the arrival of the ordered materials.


For safety reasons, the road currently operates under restricted conditions. Only those holding a Genting Highlands work permit, as well as authorized motorcycle and multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) drivers, are allowed to travel. These drivers are advised to adhere to posted signs and to use the lane closest to the mountain at reduced speeds.

It remains unclear whether the Public Works Department will temporarily open the road on election day this year, as was done during last year’s Selangor state election, to facilitate easier homecoming for voters.

The reopening of this vital route is eagerly anticipated by local residents and travelers to Genting Highlands, promising to ease transportation woes and boost local tourism, which has been significantly impacted since the landslide. As June approaches, further updates and official announcements are expected to ensure that all safety measures and construction benchmarks are met.


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