GCA 2024 Unveils Malaysia’s Most Preferred Employers

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The Graduates’ Choice Award (GCA) maintains its prestigious reputation by illuminating the preferences of Malaysia’s workforce, particularly highlighting the employers who have successfully captured the hearts and ambitions of the nation’s graduates in 2024. Talentbank’s recent statement reveals the award’s record-breaking participation, with 464,220 votes from university students, marking a significant milestone in its history as the apex of graduate employer branding in the Asia-Pacific.

Surge in Demand for Career Fairs and Employer Engagement

The landscape of job hunting is experiencing a dynamic shift, with a 9% increase in the demand for career fairs in 2023, signifying a renewed interest in direct engagement opportunities. However, the readiness of graduates to enter the workforce presents a challenge, with employers rating career preparedness at a mere five out of 10. This underscores the urgent need for educational institutions to intensify their efforts in equipping students with the skills and knowledge required for a seamless transition into the job market.

Celebrating Employer Excellence and Inclusivity

The GCA stands out for its inclusive approach, acknowledging employers across 90 diverse industries, thus encapsulating the vast spectrum of Malaysia’s economic landscape. The awards not only instill a sense of pride among employees but also contribute significantly to cultivating a positive and dynamic work environment. Employers are increasingly recognizing the value of strategic investments in branding and culture, which in turn fosters employee loyalty, enhances productivity, and minimizes turnover.


Recognizing Malaysia’s Top Employers

The 2024 GCA saw an intense competition among more than 2,500 companies, with notable winners like AIA Shared Services, Johnson & Johnson, Petronas, and Uniqlo, among others, demonstrating consistent excellence in their fields. The survey highlighted graduates’ preferences for starting salaries between RM3,000 and RM3,500, underscoring the importance of work-life balance, job security, and career development opportunities.

Key Attributes for Today’s Employers

Graduates’ employment preferences have evolved, with a focus on salary and bonuses, career progression, and a positive company culture. Despite the post-pandemic reduction in remote work opportunities, the demand for flexible working conditions remains high, alongside a growing emphasis on training and development, reflecting a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth.

The GCA 2024 outcomes not only provide a roadmap for companies aiming to attract top talent but also offer valuable insights into the changing dynamics of Malaysia’s job market. As the country continues to navigate through transformative shifts, the GCA serves as a beacon for graduates and job seekers, guiding them towards fulfilling careers with esteemed employers.

For those looking to voice their preferences or explore more about the most preferred employers in Malaysia, the voting for GCA 2025 is now open, with enticing prizes up for grabs for participants. This initiative underscores the continuous effort to bridge the gap between Malaysia’s talented graduates and the companies that seek to harness their potential, marking a progressive step towards a more inclusive and vibrant economic future.

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