Kuala Lumpur City Hall Cracks Down on Illegal Subletting in People’s Housing Projects


In a decisive move to safeguard the integrity of the People’s Housing Project (PPR), Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has announced the immediate termination of contracts for nominees or tenants found renting out their units to foreigners. Ismadi Sakirin, DBKL’s Chief Executive of Socioeconomic Development, emphasized the authority’s stern stance against such violations, underscoring that profiteering from subsidized housing is a clear breach of the rental agreement.

Strict Enforcement Against Subletting

DBKL’s crackdown targets registered tenants exploiting the low-rental advantage provided by the government to gain profit by subletting their homes at significantly higher rates. “Offering a rental as low as RM140, only to have lessees sublet for RM600 or RM800, is outright disqualification,” Ismadi remarked during the Op Sri PA Taskforce launch at Sri Sabah public housing flats. The task force, initiated by the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM), aims to inspect fire safety protocols in public housing over 30 years old.


Criteria for Contract Termination

Ismadi clarified that termination policies also apply to tenants who do not reside in their allocated units but allow family members such as parents or siblings to live there instead. The agreement specifies that only the named nominees or tenants are permitted occupants. DBKL is prepared to act on reports of such breaches, offering a grace period for tenants to rectify the situation. Failure to comply within seven months will result in contract termination.

DBKL’s Commitment to Fair Housing

This measure reflects DBKL’s commitment to ensuring that the benefits of the People’s Housing Project reach its intended demographic—Malaysian citizens in need of affordable housing options. By eliminating the misuse of these units, DBKL aims to preserve the integrity and objectives of the PPR program, ensuring it continues to serve as a vital resource for the community.

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