Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Highlights Malaysia’s AI Hub Potential and Collaborates with YTL on AI Infrastructure

nvdia malaysia

When Nvidia Corp CEO Jensen Huang visited Malaysia last week, many anticipated announcements related to potential data center investments. Following his visit to Singapore, where he hinted at an AI supercomputer project, speculation swirled about Nvidia’s involvement in similar ventures in Malaysia. Huang met with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and the Economic Development Board during his Singapore trip.

During his visit to Malaysia, Huang, known for his all-black attire and leather jacket, evaded questions about Nvidia’s partnership with YTL. Instead, he emphasized Malaysia’s potential as an AI “manufacturing” hub.

Huang praised YTL as an extraordinary company with exceptional leadership and a remarkable legacy. He acknowledged Malaysia’s strategic importance in Southeast Asia’s computing infrastructure, citing its access to essential facilities and power resources.


Huang explained that AI data centers differ significantly from traditional data centers. Instead of merely storing and running applications, AI data centers act as factories that transform raw data into valuable information—a process akin to manufacturing. Malaysia’s strong manufacturing capabilities combined with Nvidia’s AI expertise could establish the country as a regional hub for AI manufacturing.

The Taiwanese-American tech pioneer, renowned for his contributions to GPU-accelerated computing in generative AI, expressed his eagerness to meet Malaysian leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, highlighting Malaysia’s potential in advancing AI within the region.

On Friday, YTL announced a collaboration with Nvidia to construct AI infrastructure capable of bringing the fastest supercomputers to Malaysia by mid-2024. The AI infrastructure will be situated within the YTL Green Data Center Park in Kulai, Johor—a 500MW facility powered by on-site solar energy. YTL Communications will manage the AI infrastructure, offering AI computing services across the nation.

The AI infrastructure will serve as a catalyst for scientific research, solution development, and applications that will accelerate Malaysia’s journey towards becoming an AI-driven nation. YTL intends not only to provide green and energy-efficient AI infrastructure but also to create AI-specific applications and services for its customers. The company plans to leverage Nvidia NeMo to customize and deploy a Malay language foundation model, further promoting AI innovation in Malaysia.

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